i don't care.

I like wine, vodka, sarcasm, bitchiness, pretty people and things, constantly having existential crises, and romanticizing everything. (including my fucking tumblr: about me, god, i'm so fucking pretentious)

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6-7/50 favorite photos of Sophie Turner 

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"Why is it? Why are we all so tongue-tied and spellbound? Why do we perhaps live three streets off and yet never meet? Where is the intimacy? Where is the warmth? I think human beings are fundamentally crashed by a sense of their insignificance. I am perpetually overwhelmed by realizations of this kind. And nothing matters - nothing I say, feel, or think, truly makes a difference."

- Virginia Woolf, Selected Letters (via sunst0ne)

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"I want to be alone… with someone else who wants to be alone."

- Dimitri Zaik  (via introvertdear)

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